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Surf Guide: Surfing in the United States – East coast

Surf Guide United States

Surf Guide: Surfing in the United States – East coast

N: 41°8′44″ W: 73°59′42″

The US has two long coastlines along both the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. The possibilities to surf here are endless. The Beachboys sang it in the 1960s: surfin’ USA! In addition to the mainland, there is also an archipelago where surfing was once invented, indeed Hawaii! The US has a huge diversity of surf spots. Some spots are busy and bustling, other spots are quiet and laid-back. For everyone there is a good spot to be found in the US. At least they have one thing in common: very good, constant waves!

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The best surf spots in the United States – East Coast

Surfing in Montauk

Montauk Beach

When you drive out of New York City, you’ll be led to Montauk through the suburbs, vineyards and chic Hamptons. Montauk is at the extreme point of Long Island and is probably the best surf spot in the New York City region. A beautiful coastline, delicious fish and excellent waves are the cure for anyone who wants to escape from the busy life of NYC.

Surfing in The Hamptons

The state of New Hampshire has a coastline of only 20 kilometers. Yet you’ll find one of the best surf spots on the east coast of the United States. Here you will find two well-known surf spots near each other. In the north you will find the popular “The Wall”, where you will see consistent waves that attract many surfers. Even when the waves are relatively small, you can almost always get out on your feet here. Higher waves can be found south of Hampton Beach, where you will often encounter fewer surfers.

Surfing in Ocean City

Ocean City is probably the most famous surf spot on the northeast coast of the US. This spot has spawned a large number of surf pros such as Dean Randazzo, Matt Keenan and Rob Kelly. In the footsteps of these local heroes, many young surfers have become enthusiastic about surfing. You’ll find consistent waves here, all year. Pros pull south, where the waves are higher and there are a lot fewer surfers in the water.

Surfing in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is known as the birthplace of surfing on the east coast of the United States. The waves here are not extremely high, but are very consistent. Here you will find excellent opportunities for relative newcomers. Here the East Coast Surfing Championships are also organized, so this is also a good spot to see real pros at work. Please note that it can often be very busy in the water.

 Surfing in Newport

Surfing in Newport beach

Not many surf spots on the east coast are known as big wave spots. The most famous spot for big waves can be found on the chic Ruggles Avenue in Newport, Rhode Island. For decades, this spot has attracted surfers from all over the east coast. The real pros are moving to this spot around the hurricane season. Please note that only for really, really, really advanced surfers!

Surfing in New Smyrna

Florida’s rising star surf spot, New Smyrna, has overtaken Brevard County as Florida’s most popular surf region in recent years. This spot has developed an authentic surf vibe over the years. The waves here are very consistent and generally do not get very high.

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