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Surf Guide: Surfing in Hawaii

Surf Guide Hawaii

Surf Guide: Surfing in Hawaii

N:20° 42′ 58.2444” W: 158° 12′ 52.8336”

The US has two long coastlines along both the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. The possibilities to surf here are endless. The Beach boys sang best it in the 1960s: surfin’ USA! In addition to the mainland, there is also an archipelago where surfing was once invented, indeed this beautiful place is known around the world: Hawaii! The US has a huge diversity of surf spots. Some spots are busy and bustling, other spots are quiet and laid-back. For everyone there is a good spot to be found in the US. At least they all have one thing in common: very good, constant waves!

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The best surf spots of the United States – Hawaii

Waikiki Beach

Surfing in Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach may not be the best surfing spot in Hawaii, but this spot plays a very important role in global surfing history. This was the homespot of Duke Kahanamoku, one of the most legendary surfers of all time. In addition, Waikiki Beach is easily accessible because the beach is located directly on Honolulu. It is also a place where you can learn English very well. However its centrality in surfing lore and its geographical location hs resulted in the beach being one of the busiest surf spots outside of California. For those of you looking to catch some waves in peace maybe try looking elsewhere.

Surfing in Kauai

The northern island of Kauai also has excellent surfing conditions. The epicenter of surfing in Kauai can be found on the north coast in Hanalei Bay. The very good surfing conditions attracts surfers from all over the island, so it can be quite busy in the water. You can go here for consistent waves all year round. The waves get highest in the winter months; novice surfers can go here in the summer.

The Coast of Kauai

Surfing in Maalaea Bay

Here you will find a spot with the infamous name “Freight Train”, which is known as the world’s fastest wave. However, these waves only work if there is a strong current from the south and you will find them near the harbor. When you arrive at Freight Trains and you decide that these waves are a bit too much, you can always go to a large number of nearby surf spots, which are suitable for surfers at different levels.

Surfing in Log Cabins

The north coast of Hawaii boasts some of the world’s best surf spots, with Pipeline as the most legendary. The north coast also has a number of other surf spots that are less known. One of these bears the name “Log Cabins”, a reef fracture with consistent waves that can get very high in the winter. Please note: only suitable for advanced surfers!

Surfing in Punalau Beach

This spot is located in the far north of the island of Maui. This surf spot is also popularly known as “Windmills” and owes its excellent wave quality to a reef that lies here off the coast. The waves are greatest in the winter and attracts (professional) surfers from all over the world. It is a very difficult spot to surf, so only go in the water if you are very experienced.

Punalau Beach

Surfing in Makaha Point

The most experienced surfers head to the north coast of Oahu. However, the West also has excellent opportunities for beginners to intermediate surfers. A good choice in this case is the west coast of Oahu. Here you will find a large number of breaks, suitable for different types of surfers.

Learn English and Surfing in Hawaii

How would you like to study English on the birth island of surfing? With SurfaWhile you book a surf and language trip to Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii. You take English lessons at a very high-quality language school, which has won many prizes and is widely regarded as the best language school in Hawaii.

The language school has very good facilities and is an official exam center for the famous Cambridge exams (FCE, CAE and CPE), making this school an excellent location to prepare you for such an exam. The school is very centrally located and is close to the famous Waikiki Beach and has fantastic views with both mountain and ocean views.

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