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Surf Guide: Surfing in the United States – West coast

Surf Guide United States

Surf Guide: Surfing in the United States – West coast

N: 34.0618° W: 118.3006°

The US has two long coastlines along both the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. The possibilities to surf here are endless. The Beachboys sang it in the 1960s: surfin’ USA! In addition to the mainland, there is also an archipelago where surfing was once invented, indeed Hawaii! The US has a huge diversity of surf spots. Some spots are busy and bustling, other spots are quiet and laid-back. For everyone there is a good spot to be found in the US. At least they have one thing in common: very good, constant waves!

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The Best Surf Spots in the United States – West Coast

Surfing in Los Angeles

Surfing in Smugglers Cove

Smugglers Cove, located in Oswald West State Park in Oregon state, is a gem on the west coast. You surf here in an environment of beautiful nature. It takes some effort to reach this surf spot; To come here you have to take a (beautiful) walking tour through nature. But we promise you: it’s worth it!

Surfing in Malibu

This beach town has played an important role in the popularization of surfing. Malibu is a stone’s throw from Los Angeles and Hollywood. You can encounter well-known stars like Cameron Diaz surfing here. Malibu has incredibly good, consistent waves to offer. However, especially in summer, during weekends it can become terribly busy. It can sometimes feel as if a true surf vibe is missing, however its location is in in great proximity to a lot of other regions to explore.

Surfing in Cape Lookout

Cape Lookout is an infamous surf spot in Oregon and is located in a National state park. This surf spot offers one of the best conditions of Oregon state with waves that can get quite high. The local surfers would like to keep this spot to themselves and can be a little hostile to “intruders”.

Surfing in Santa Cruz

There’s a reason Santa Cruz is called “Surf City.” The town houses a variety of surf spots suitable for all levels. Cowell’s and Capitola Beach are very suitable if you’re a novice surfer. The most famous spot is Steamer Lane. Only go to the water here if you’re a damn good surfer! In addition to these three spots, there are 8 beaches, each with its own character. In Surf City there is something for everyone!

Surfing in San Clemente

San Clemente Beach

Around San Clemente you will find a number of excellent surf spots, popularly known as “Trestles”. These surf spots are spread over three regions: Uppers, Middle and Lowers. The latter is probably the most famous spot. Uppers is an excellent surf spot for long boarders. Novice surfers should best contact Middles. Therefore, there is a wave for everyone that suits him/her! However, thee legendary status of Trestles makes this place a certain stop on your hunt for the USA’s best surf spots. If the waves are too big, just grab a cold one and watch the pros do their thing.

Surfing in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is divided into two parts: the “North County” and “South County”, which are separated by Point Conception and the Gaviota Pass, which is known from the famous film “The Graduate”. When people refer to Santa Barbara County, they usually refer to South County. In North County you will find a colder climate with more wind than in South County, where there is a subtropical climate. Both counties offer good surfing conditions, however the spots in North County are colder and harder to reach. South County offers a number of absolute world-class waves, including Rincon, the Ranch and El Capitan. El Capitan is a particularly legendary spot.

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