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Two days ago we were due to sail from Santander, Northern Spain to Plymouth, as the day approached the swell got bigger and bigger. With the winds increasing as well, we decided for the sanity of my wife Theresa, and the well being of our children we would ditch the 22 hour sail across the Bay of Biscay in favour of a shorter five hour sailing from Roscoff in France.
Of course this still involved driving from Loredo, Spain to the tip of Northern France, a drive which would cover over 1,000km in 12 hours.
As the twisty roads of Northern Spain turned to the super fast, straight toll roads of France my mind wandered from surfing, to work, to surfing, to the past, the future and everything in between.
Flicking through the French radio stations trying to find anything of pleasure to the ears, I chewed over the idea of teletransportation.
How nice would it be to click your heals, or wiggle your nose, think of your destination and boom, you’re in Bali, or Barbados!
No driving, no security checks, no excess luggage and as far as I am aware environmentally friendly!
Then as I signalled to overtake yet another French lorry (the highlight of 12 hours driving), I realised that in fact the very reason I love to travel is actually the travel.
I have found that sitting on a train, driving a car or sitting 36,000 feet above the earth flying you are forced to kick back. No e-mails, no calls, no writing. Just a good bunch of hours to gather your thoughts. As our lives get busier and busier time to think disappears.
With only six hours left before Roscoff, I found myself with a cheeky little smile across my face and the thought that one day when Errant Surf Holidays launch a surfing holiday with teletransportation included, I may not be the first to sign up.
Unless of course the surf is pumping 🙂

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  1. you never know, one day we could be surfing all over the world in one day! Until then its bournemouth for me in the morning!

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