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The Autumn Euro Trip

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The Autumn Euro Trip

There are so many world class waves right on our doorstep (well, in Europe) that lack of funds, time and day to day life stop us from surfing, which is a crying shame. Well luckily for me, Errant’s head honcho, Chris Thomson understands this nomadic desire to surf new spots and has not only given me the go ahead to take a couple of months of to roam the EU, but given me some top advice over the past few months to make sure everything goes smooth.
I have decided to condense and regurgitate this info to all of you likeminded souls that will hopefully encourage you to go out there and live your dreams.
So, the first decision you need to make is where you’re going to go. This is where working for a surf travel company comes in pretty handy…
France, Spain, Portugal.  That should pretty much fill a void for any surf starved city dweller. However, every surf trip needs a cool place cool and elaborate your day’s waves over a nice cold beer, so the following list and my personal itinery has been created with this crucial element in mind (alongside wave quality/ consistency etc):
1st stop: France. The Quiksilver Pro is held in France every year, not because of the hoards of beautiful French women that grace the beaches with their presence, or the mental vibe at Dick’s Sand Bar, but because the deep Bay of Biscay funnels those Autumnal North Atlantic swells straight onto the perfect sand banks of Hossegor, Biarritz and Anglet, creating some of the world’s best barrels.

As long as you’re sensible France a relatively cheap place to stay,  that is of course as long as you’re ok on a wine, cheese and bread diet (something I’m fine with) and although I’m van-tripping, there are some crazy accommodation deals out there.
Next Up: Spain. There’s over 4,000km of coastline in Spain and the ASP hold another stop of the dream tour here at Mundaka. Due to its vastness, planning is crucial but with the best waves being on the North Atlantic coast, it limits things a bit. I’ve decided to head to the Santander area, one because Loredo has a sick surf house 200m from a funky looking beach-break called Somo, but also because the funky looking beach break called Somo has an insane right hand reef on the Northern side of the 6mile long beach.

Finale: Portugal. This is going to be around November time when the rest of Europe is getting slightly chilly, so we’re heading south to Lagos. The idea is that we get the wintery swells, but also the warm weather as we’re going to be about as close to Africa as you can get.
The beaches around Lagos are some of the most beautiful in the Algarve region and the area is full of history and tourism, which suits the culture vulture and social monster inside me fine. However, a trip to Portugal wouldn’t be complete without a stint in Peniche. I don’t need to say much to be fair, just let this picture do the talking.

Thanks to for the image.
That’s the planning done. Next up, accommodation and wheels…

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