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The best family surf holidays within Europe for 2021

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The best family surf holidays within Europe for 2021

Surfing holidays are booming and also families are discovering the possibility to make their active holidays more fun than ever. We’ve listed some of our favorite surf holidays for families, distinguishing between family-only and familiy-friendly surf holidays. In case you’d like to have a look at our grand overview of all surf holidays for families, you can do so.

Surf Holidays for Families in France

France is a very popular destination to go surfing and since a couple of years more and more surf camps are popping up that are open to receiving families or are even family surf camps. In this overview we tell you about the best surf holidays for families.

Surfing for families in Moliets

In Moliets, the family surf camp is located just behind the dunes, making the way to the beach a rather short one. The families that stay here are generally fairly adventurous with kids from all ages. When the kids are not surfing you will likely find them in the pool or around the ping pong table. The animation team at the camping is also a very popular destination for the kids, providing the parents with some free time to interact with other parents, go surfing themselves or visit one of the highlights in the area. This surf camp for family even offers a child-care service.

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Private: Family Surf Camp Moliets

Avg. 0 – 55 years old. (Min. 0)
Beginners only
From € ,- per

There’s another great option in Moliets. At the Deluxe Surf Camp from Star it’s not unlikely that you will encounter other families. This camp is also about socializing, having a drink or two and living the surf vibe. We therefor would not recommend it to families with smaller kids, but if the kids are a bit older (14+ e.g) this adventurous surf camp certainly could be a nice fit.

The larger tipi tents are ideal for families, coming with a large double bed or twin beds. Meals are provided, the surfing lessons are taken care off and you are given the opportunity to join much of the fun in the main camp (150 m. away), with several concerts from upcoming bands, a ping pong table and a skate ramp.

4.4 / 5 – 35 reviews

Star Surf Camp Deluxe Moliets

Moliets, France
Avg. 24 – 40 years old. (Min. 18)
Beginners & intermediate
May – Sep
From € 319,- per person, incl. meals

Surfing for families in Le Pin Sec

The Surfblend family Camp (currently closed) at Le Pin Sec is spacious and offers two types of tents so that everyone has something they will like. Together with the children you can enjoy surfing, good food, yoga, fun activities and lots of relaxation for a week (or two). On the beach you will come across various bunkers from the Second World War. In addition, it offers a number of beach breaks so that there is room for everyone to surf. Unlike other surf hotspots in France, Le Pin Sec is fairly quiet and therefore also an ideal place to surf, relax a lot and enjoy the beautiful nature. In addition, surf instructors have a huge amount of experience and safety in mind.

Surf Holidays for Families in Spain

Surfing for families in Somo

Somo is inevitably part of our list with 10 best surf spots for beginners making this also an ideal location to visit with the family. Surfing can be fun for every member of the family, including the kids. The surf conditions in Somo are truly ideal for anyone, from first-timers to beginners to intermediates. 

Our partner in Somo hosts a surf camp that does welcome families and it’s not unlikely that other families will be present here too. However, it’s not given that there are families among the others guests in the surf house.

4.4 / 5 – 40 reviews Surf in Cantabria

Escuela Cantabra de Surf

Somo, Spain
Avg. 25 – 40 years old. (Min. 18)
All surf levels, incl. beginners
All year round
From € 179,- per person, incl. surf lessons

Surfing for families in Oyambre

Stay in style in Northern Spain, Oyambre to be precise at the Star Deluxe Surfcamp. This is the ideal choice if you want to be part of a fun and international group, while you are looking for a little extra comfort. Like the Deluxe Surf Camp in Moliets, France, you can opt for the Deluxe tents where you will either get a double bed or twin beds and also here meals are provided. The difference is that the camp here in Spain is smaller than the one in France and the atmosphere, which is more quiet here. The main and deluxe camp in Oyambre are more united (closer to each other) so this camp, amon many other types of guests, would attract families that are up for quite some socializing.

Star tipi-tent

Surf Holidays for Families in Portugal

Within Portugal, we like to point out a number of regions. Both the Algarve and Alentejo have several great spots that are ideal and safe for surfers with no to little experience. Also around Porto we will find this, with the great benefit that this area also is not as busy as the other regions in Portugal.

Surfing for families in the Algarve

This family-only camp in Aljezur, the Algarve, is an amazing getaway for families that are seeking that thrill of surfing while staying with likeminded people in a cool surf camp. The kids can enjoy the pool, the ping pong and many more activities, while the parents enjoy a beautiful glass of Portuguese wine or explore the area around Aljezur with some amazing highlights.

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The best family surf holidays within Europe for 2021

Avg. – years old. (Min. )
From € ,- per

Surfing for families around Porto

Around Porto it’s not as busy as other locations in Portugal. We therefore fully recommend to travel over to the north of Portugal for a week or two full of surfing, great surf-vibes and much more.

5 / 5 – 25 reviews

Estela Surf and Hostel

Estela (Porto), Portugal
Avg. 22 – 36 years old. (Min. 18)
All surf levels, incl. beginners
Apr – Dec
From € 350,- per person, incl. surf lessons & meals

Surfing for families in the Alentejo

The Dreamsea Glamping Plus in Alentejo, Portugal, is the most luxurious variant of a surf camp in Europe where you will be staying in a tent. The spacious tents have very comfortable beds and come with a little private terrace. The meals here are well on point, this really is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Glamping plus sea view

The Glamping Plus is family-friendly with a nice mix of guests visiting, from all over the world. We truly recommend this accommodation to any family that would love that surf vibe, enjoys a slightly more luxurious standard of holiday and don’t mind a very high standard in the food being served.

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The best family surf holidays within Europe for 2021

Avg. – years old. (Min. )
From € ,- per

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