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The best gift ideas for surfers

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The best gift ideas for surfers

Finding the best gift for someone who’s really into surfing might not be an easy mission, but it’s certainly not an impossible one! We’ve got some great ideas for you. It can be the birthday present for your best friend, an anniversary gift for your surfer better half or why not, a little something for somebody’s promotion at work. Whatever the occassion is, we can help you finding the perfect present for a surfer. And in case you would believe there’s something missing on our gift idea list for surfers, let us know through a comment and we’ll update this post right away as our goal is to come up with the best gift ideas for surfers.

The best gift ideas for surfers up to € 15,-

Sometimes it seems hard to find a decent surf gift for someone we love with most products costing quite easily a significant amount of money. The good news is, there are loads of options within the range of € 15,- that have made our list of best gift ideas for surfers.

Gift idea: A surf t-shirt

It might sound odd to you, but actually this is something that is always much appreciated as a gift. Out there there’s plenty of brands surf related that you may take into account. The two milestones in this field are of course Billabong and Quick Silver. However, there is a lot more like Hurley, O’Neill, RVCA, Reef, Roxy Ripcurl and a thousand more. If you cannot think of any store near by your house that sells this kind of merchandise, well, thats not a big deal. We’re living in the golden age of e-commerce, which means that you can comfortably purchase the gift online and have it delivered to your front door step in a few days. It is, however, inevitable that you will also encounter many surf t-shirts which will be costing more than the above mentioned price.

Gift idea: A wax-block

Considering another great gift which does not have a high cost, board wax might be also an option. You should know that for surfers this item is quite important. Surfers use wax to make sure that the surface of the board won’t be slippery when they stand on it while surfing, which is quite a fundamental condition to practice this sport. Basically no wax, no party! So if you want to opt for an affordable and creative present that is also super useful, you just found it! The wax block might be one of the most creative ideas you can have that are featured on our list with best gift ideas for surfers.

SurfaWhile Surf Girls Fuerteventura
SurfaWhile Surf Girls Fuerteventura

The best gifts for surfers up to € 50,-

If your finances allow you to spend a little more money, we can definitely raise the bar on a surf related gift that is going to amaze your surfer friend. Also in this case there are many options to consider.

Gift idea: SurfaWhile Gift Card

This is one of the best gifts for surfers in our opinion. You give someone a slight push to finally book that surf holiday he/she has always been dreaming about. We are happy to give out a personalized gift card, so that your friend, partner of family member can finally take that surf holiday. It would be like giving your friend a little piece of vacation as a gift. Not bad, right?

Gift idea: Boardshorts or a Bikini

Do you already imagine your boyfriend walking on a surf beach in the Maldives, in his brand new boardshorts. The only potential downside of this present might be the attention he could receive from others. Boardshorts are a good option, and also really useful, as many of these are designed specifically with surfing in mind, which also accounts for many bikinis. There are some sets designed right to practice this sport in total comfort. Would this be your favorite gift for a surfer?

The best gifts for surfers up to €250,-

If you really spare no expenses, then the person concerned is really lucky! We all know how expensive surf equipment can be, and that’s why you may consider one of  these options to surprise your friend. Below you will find the top items of our list with best gift ideas for surfers.

Gift idea: Wetsuit

If you’re thinking of a wetsuit as a present, then you should be at least 100% sure of two things: size and model. Wetsuits must enable surfers to make fluid movements when in the water, and most importantly on the board. Regarding the model, there’s plenty of options depending on the temperature of the water in which your friend is going to be surfing in. So, if they usually go surfing in tropical places, the wetsuit must be really light or cropped, if he’s more into places like Norway then you should pick a heavier one. Risky but worth it!

You can always check out our complete Wetsuit Guide, a great inspiration for finding the best gifts for surfers.

Gift idea: A Surf Board

A surfboard as a present is probably on the top of the wish list of every surfer. Even in this case you should pay attention to a couple of things. As it is for wetsuits, also surfboards have different sizes and models, and trust me, this is not something to underestimate! If your friend is a beginner, finding a board will be easier, but if we’re dealing with an experienced surfer, it might be better to consult your friend first, or at least have a solid idea of what kind of board he/she uses (if it’s a longboard or a short one). In any case you’re gonna find infinite colors, prints or patterns, and I guarantee this person is gonna love it!


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