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Surfing in the Netherlands: The best surf spots in Holland

Surf Guide Netherlands

Surfing in the Netherlands: The best surf spots in Holland

N: 52° 22′ 16.135″ E: 4° 32′ 0.078″

The Netherlands will not immediately come to the forefront when you think of the best surf spots. However, this does not mean that they are not there. The Dutch coastline can provide waves for surfers of all levels under the right conditions. In addition, most spots will never be crowded in the water, most surfers prefer to skip the Dutch coast, which is a shame. In this article you can read why the Netherlands certainly has some good surf spots.

The Netherlands is not known for having many surf camps. However, if you would be looking for a surfing holiday in the Netherlands, give us a shout at and we are happy to assist you.

The best surf spots in the Netherlands

In this article with the best surf spots of the Netherlands, we’ve highlighted Scheveningen, Texel (one of the islands in the north of the country), the quiet Domburg – which can get pretty touristy – in the south and the beaches closer to Amsterdam of Zandvoort and Wijk aan Zee.

Surfing in Scheveningen

Without a doubt the Dutch surf hotspot where you will find the best surfers in the Netherlands. We must remain honest, you are not guaranteed good waves here. The best surfing conditions are with a north or south western swell with no wind. This spot also works with an offshore wind, but with an onshore wind you get messy waves. Because this is the surf hotspot from the Netherlands it can get pretty busy under the right circumstances, but nothing compared to the French coast in the middle of the summer.

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Before you go to Scheveningen, check if the waves are good enough to surf via this live stream from the beach

Surfing in Texel

Surf without crowds in the water, with friendly locals and with a bit of luck also some seals. Texel is one of the Wadden Islands and because of its favorable location often offers higher waves than in the rest of the country. You have the best surfing conditions with a swell from the northwest with no wind. There are several surf spots on the island, but the most popular are paal 17 and paal 9.

Paal 9 at Texel

Surfing in Domburg

The place to be for surfing in the south of the Netherlands. Domburg is a very relaxed surf spot in Zeeland where the water always seems to be slightly clearer and warmer than in the rest of the country. This spot works best with a western swell and no wind. Even on a day when the waves are perfect, it will still be calm in the water here. This spot is also popular among Belgian surfers since the waves are often better here than on the Belgian coast.

The beach of Domburg

Surfing in Wijk aan zee

This spot is not as popular as Scheveningen but still belongs to the surf hotspots of the Netherlands. The sandbanks on this spot are very beneficial for the creation of beautiful waves. It’s no coincidence that the locals also call this spot Wijkiki, a reference to the well-known surf spot Waikiki in Hawaii. The best surfing conditions are with a north-westerly swell and south-westerly wind. Check where the wind comes from by looking at the smoke from the (horrible) factory of Tata Steel. Due to the favorable location in relation to Amsterdam and Haarlem you will find more surfers in the water than average in the Netherlands, but it won’t get really busy!

Empty beaches at Wijk aan Zee

Surfing in Zandvoort

In the summer this spot is flooded with beach guests, but in the winter months it is an excellent surfing spot. Nice and easily accessible by the train that practically stops at the beach. Note the current when the wind comes from the south or north, it can be more insidious than you might think! The best waves are with an offshore wind. If the waves are not up to standards, go to the nearby Wijk aan Zee.

The beach of Zandvoort

As you read, there are also plenty of surf spots in the Netherlands. You will need a wetsuit in the cold water of the North Sea, but once you surf the Dutch waves it is more than worth it.

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