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The Importance of Surf Video Coaching

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The Importance of Surf Video Coaching

Surf Video Coaching

Surfing is a sport accessible for all ages and all people.  It can be a truly fantastic enjoyable sport at any level. As you may know, surfing is a very challenging sport, both physically and mentally but the final reward is something so special that it makes all those exhausting paddle outs, hard wipeouts and cold wet windy sessions worthwhile.
To progress your surfing ability into being an advanced surfer it takes a lot of dedication, understanding and patience. Progression at certain stages of your surfing ability can be slow; this can be down to that surfing is a very individualistic sport. Most of your surfing highs & lows will only be experienced and seen from your point of view, making it incredible difficult to see where you have gone wrong, right or could of optimized certain parts of the wave.

Therefore the most efficient and fastest way to improve your surfing is with specialist surf tuition and most importantly video coaching. Video coaching is a major method, which has been used by professional surfers for the last 20 years. Using this method enables you to take a step back and view yourself surf technique from a new perspective. With the help of an experienced surf instructor you will be able to establish the weak points in your surfing technique. The instructor will be able pinpoint the exact moment where you are making an error and give the necessary tuition and advice to resolve it. This coaching method will provide you with a much better understanding of what you can do to progress. Video coaching is a great way to help you learn new maneuvers, boost your confidence and improve your decision making whilst surfing. Overall this will speed up your surfing progression and saves you months of trial and error.
Here at Errant we pride ourselves in providing the best surfing tuition. We have been using the video coaching technique for years now and are a firm believer that this is the best method to help you progress as we’ve seen and experienced the results! If you are looking to take your surfing to the next level, we offer video coaching all around the world. For example join Chris Thomson; professional longboarder & BSA level 3 Coach at one of our successful long board coaching weekends in Newquay or an improver weekends in Newquay. Head out to our surf camp in Sri Lanka & get video coaching in uncrowned line-ups, where we are confident that you will improve your surfing and get some quality waves. Or head out to surfers paradise in Bali and test your surfing ability in the variety of waves on your doorstep. Wherever you want to go & what ever you want to work on, take your next surfing steps with Errant.

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