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SurfaWhile, what does it actually mean?

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SurfaWhile, what does it actually mean?

SurfaWhile is a name where not everyone knows instantly what it means. In this article, we want to provide you with an answer to the question: What does SurfaWhile mean.

SurfaWhile was founded in 2015 by Hans and Olmo. They both have a passion, and their passions are quite alike. Besides travelling, both Hans and Olmo like exploring, experiencing and obviously surfing, and they all combined this in a company. “Before and during the studies I (Olmo) have travelled to several places around the world. My largest travel was when I was 18, as I went to learn English in Australia. I ended up staying in the country for a year, including travelling around for 9 months.”

“During my time in Australia, I noticed the power of meeting other people, learning from other people and laughing with other people. Even 7 years after this trip there are several people I met there, whom I still speak to, some on a daily basis, others on a weekly or monthly basis. During a year abroad, on another continent, I learned so much that I’m a huge fan of such gap years! I strongly believe I will never learn that much again during a period of one year, in my life.”

“However, I felt the importance of having something to connect with others during my times abroad. You want to meet people who match your own interests and I felt that people who surf, show the characteristics which I found rather pleasant. Surfers are always social, show high motivation and dedication and they strive for a goal. Both on the water as on land I felt I belonged to a group of people I really liked to hang out with. This really helped me in developing myself, as an 18 year-old.”

Hans has a similar experience during his time in South-Africa. Surfing helped him to meet many people, people he learned from, people he laughed with and people he travelled with. Still on a daily basis he can use his experiences from back then in his daily life.

“After Hans and myself did a brainstorm session, we found it very quick. We wanted to encourage people to travel and to meet people, and surfing would be the mean of connecting people. We do know that there are different people, all with their own wishes in terms of surfing and that is why we say: go surfing for at least a (little) while, after which you can enjoy, learn, laugh and live with all new experiences you just gained.  And that’s where the name SurfaWhile comes from! You SurfaWhile and the rest will go by itself!”


Co-founder of SurfaWhile, with a passion for travel, surf, cooking, salsa, football and meeting new and interesting people.

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