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The Plastic Soup Surfer stands up against Plastic Pollution

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The Plastic Soup Surfer stands up against Plastic Pollution

N: 52° 22′ 12.778″ E: 4° 53′ 42.605

Merijn Tinga, better known as The Plastic Soup Surfer, stands up against plastic pollution. He and his team will launch #pickup10! tomorrow, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Check out the video about the technology behind this plan. You can make a change, which starts by doing something very easy!

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The Plastic Soup Surfer started with his campaign against plastic pollution a couple of years ago. He surfed the Belgian and Dutch coast on a board made from plastic polution. More recently, he used Stand Up Paddling to sail down the Rhine river. Spread the word, because together we can make a difference!

He has used crowdfunding campaigns to gather money, which he used to present reports to large companies (producers of plastic) in order to make them aware of the danger and risk of the huge amount of plastic which is produced these days. Furthermore he strongly believes in charging a small deposit for PET bottles for reducing the amount of plastic which is poluted.


Co-founder of SurfaWhile, with a passion for travel, surf, cooking, salsa, football and meeting new and interesting people.

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