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The Surfrider Foundation

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The Surfrider Foundation

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During our annual trip to our surf camps in France, we arranged  to meet the incredible people at the Surfrider Foundation at their European headquarters in Biarritz. Their organisation is a feared and nobel defender of the oceans against plastic pollution and other effects of climate change. The message they spread of environmental education and independent action is a shared value between our two companies. Therefore we though they would make the perfect aly in Surfawhile’s fight to protect the coastlines we love too surf.

We do this yearly trip to visit our partners with surf camps in France or where we offer surf holidays in Spain.

Surfawhile & The Surfrider Foundation

We met with Aines a representative for Surfrider Europe to find out how we could help in their ongoing efforts. The  Surfrider Foundation specialises in educating people on the effects of human actions on the natural world and believes strongly in individual action. The 177 local chapters of volunteers across Europe provide ‘Beach Cleanup Kits’ to help organise communities of surfers to take independent action.

Olmo and Thomas with Aines in the Surfrider HQSurfawhile hopes to implement these kits in a series of Beach clean ups in collaboration with the Surfrider Foundation. Doing so both at home in the Netherlands and at the camps we represent. Olmo from Surfawhile comments on the future collaborations: “Of course, promoting surf tourism is fun, but traveling and using the beaches unfortunately also has lesser sides. By actively trying to contribute to the cleaning of our beaches and oceans, hopefully we will compensate for those lesser sides”.

About The Surfrider Foundation

The Surfrider Foundation was founded by surfing legend and 3x WSL World Champion Tom Curren in 1990. Curren’s initial goal was to remove the filth that was causing surfer’s to fall ill during competition visits. During an interview at the foundations launch, Tom states:  ‘We didn’t know why some days the water was clean and on others it was polluted… Surfer’s were getting sick and enduring ear infections’. The Surfrider Foundation was launched to tackle these issues during a surf event hosted to commemorate the establishment of Surfrider. It was called the Planet Surf intiative competition and was held on the Spanish beach of Menakoz.

Since the Surfrider foundation has massively expanded its environmental campaigns. Here are a few of the most impactful success’s in recent years. It is these kinds of projects that we at Surfawhile believe is crucial to helping slow climate change and save surfing:

  •  Save Trestles Campaign:
    • The iconic waves at Trestles were threatened by the building of a six lane toll road that would have cut through San Onofre State Beach.
    • 10 years of activism and 5 law suits later, The Surfrider Foundation blocked construction and in doing so preserved the infamous surfing sanctuary.
  • The California Plastic Bag Ban:
    • Proposition 67 was a law that went to public vote that would allow the resale of plastic bags in all shops across California. The law was passed in 2014 but returned to a public vote due to the power of the big plastic companies.
    • Surfrider Foundation along with the help of charities such as Heal the Bay, Enviormental California and California against waste were able to secure 54% of the votes to maintain their plastic free progress.

Current Campaigns & Conclusion

Open Martins Bay: Martins Bay is a beautiful and secluded beach close to Half Moon Bay. In 2008 it was sold to an anonymous owner for $32.5 million. Within a year a keycard gate was installed that meant the beach has been removed from public use. The Surfrider Foundation now aims to restore Martins Bay to the public.

Atlantic and Pacific Offshore Drilling: The Trump administration has opened up the Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic and Gulf of Mexico to be drilled for new oil. This has significantly increased rates of ecological destruction.

The Surfrider Foundation is doing excellent and unparalleled work and we look forward to our future business partnerships with them. To donate to there crucial cause please do so here.

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