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Theo’s surfing Experience in Ericeira

Surf Experiences Portugal

Theo’s surfing Experience in Ericeira


Last year the time was right to go on a surfing holiday at MagikVanilla in Ericeira! In 2018 I had been to Gota d’Agua for the first time alone at a surf camp (also a lot of fun!). Olmo had recommended MagikVanilla to me because it was mainly focused on surfing and this was what i was looking for. I booked for 8 days and on arrival I was really well received by Steve, the owner of the surf house. The surf house is very nice with spacious rooms and is located on the edge of the center of Ericeira, a beautiful village that breathes surfing. Everywhere you look you see surfers walking around and almost the entire coast is surfing! Seems like i came to the right place.

The Magikvanilla experience

Theo and the group

The first thing you do upon arrival is finding your place in the house (the crew that is there often know each other), but I had booked a shared room so that you immediately have a group. In addition, everyone came in on Saturday, making it new to everyone. There were several who also came alone, but also pairs or even larger groups, but it clicked very well. Personally, I also like it that you spend the whole week with the same group because then a real connection comes into existence, really a plus! There was no surfing on that first Saturday, but from Sunday on it was surfing every day with only a day off on Thursday (day after the barbecue party, very nice and tasty!). Every day the best surfing conditions were checked for the next day and around that time we started surfing. First breakfast, pack surf gear, turn on music and in two vans that way!

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Magikvanilla surfing in Ericeira jacuzzi
Magikvanilla surfing in Ericeira jacuzzi

Surfing in Ericeira

Because you are with a fixed group, surf lessons are built up during the week. Every day you learn something new that makes surfing really fun! It remains damn tricky but as long as you have fun, and that is something the surf instructors certainly agree with. They all radiate this too! J Personally, I really enjoy being in the water and enjoying the beautiful weather and everything that happens around you; someone who finally manages to get his first wave, people who go under again or someone who does not pay attention for a moment and gets a wave on the head! It is so much fun to be active in the water with everybody and the instructors pay close attention to you, safety comes first. What was also very nice is the video that is made of you where you really get tips on what you can improve. Photos are also taken and they even manage to take a photo of the one time you can finally stand!

In the evening, of course, good food in Ericeira first and then into the pub. In Ericeira there is such a relaxed atmosphere that it is really amazing! There is always someone playing a guitar at various places in the village. Doing this with the surf group also makes the connection even stronger, which ensures that you have a wonderful holiday. At that time we created a group app that still contains everyone, so you often have very nice contacts. A reunion is even planned soon!

Go on a surf holiday in Ericeira

If you are looking for a surfing holiday where you want to be sure of good surfing lessons, a beautiful surf house with a very nice crew, then definitely book MagikVanilla! The only improvement points I can think of is that the crew is reasonable as a group on its own and you are a bit too far from the beach to go surfing yourself (you can but you have to take the surf bus). Furthermore, there are no remarks so Magikvanilla certainly gets a 9.9!

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Thomas Oosterhof

Via mijn studie Tourism Management ben ik terecht gekomen bij SurfaWhile. Waar ik elke dag meer leer over het surfen, en het verkopen van surfreizen. Door het schrijven van artikelen over surfvakanties, ervaringen en prachtige surfbestemmingen zorg ik er voor dat jij goed voorbereid op surfvakantie gaat!

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