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Time to Think About UK Surf Vacations

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Time to Think About UK Surf Vacations

When you hear the phrase “surf vacations” you usually think of G Land or Kuta; of Lombok, Bell’s Beach or Arugam Bay. And you’d be right, most of the time. At this time of year, though, with the last of the winter swells still making corduroy lines across Cornish beachies, and the British sun poking its head into some wonderful blue skies, we’d recommend thinking about a surf trip closer to home. We’ve decided to let children under 12 stay for free when their parents take surf vacations down in Newquay this year.
The offer lets you take your kids into the water under the expert and safe eyes of our excellent surf instructors – and gives you the chance to stay in our Town House HQ in Newquay, the unofficial headquarters of British surfing.
Your child will surf and stay for free provided at least one parent is booked into a surfing holiday at our Newquay surf school. You’ll be stoked, the kids will be stoked – and everyone gets to experience the joys of being a beach bum for a long weekend or a week, without having to fly to a far flung destination!
If the idea of UK surf vacations is still making you think “cold water”, think of this – the modern wetsuits we have available for hire will keep you as warm as you would be in the tropics, and there are no sharks or poisonous coral reefs here to put you off your stroke! Ideal for beginners, a UK surf holiday could be just the thing to get you up and riding in time for your very own endless summer.
If you are interested in learning to surf this year, or just want to brush up on your skills, take a look at our website:

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