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Timson Heads to World Games Thanks to Errant

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Timson Heads to World Games Thanks to Errant

Young British surfer Harry Timson has been given the chance to represent his country in New Zealand at the World Junior Games. Although Harry has just turned 13, he will be surfing with the best surfers from around the world in the under 16 division, a true testament to his surfing skills.

However due to lack of funding, and major sponsorship this comes at a price, which the British Surfing Association is passing onto the parents of the young surfers.

Thanks to a long relationship between Harry and Errant Surf Holidays, Errant has stepped in to plug this gap to allow Harry to focus on training not fund raising for the World Surfing Games.

For more details about Harry click here
For more details about the Junior World Surfing Games click here

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