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Tips for travelling with your surfboard

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Tips for travelling with your surfboard

Travelling with your surfboard can often seem like a daunting and unpredictable task however due to increase in popularity of surfing and surf travel a lot of airlines know that surfboards are fragile and not to be thrown about. This, however, does not keep you completely out of the clear and you can still take some steps yourself to ensure as minimal damage as possible to your surfboard. 

How to protect your surfboard

Time and patience when packing your surfboard are one of the best ways to ensure a safe journey, airlines are notorious for not reimbursing for damages so there is no point rushing the packing process. Here are our top tips to ensure a safe trip for you and your board. 

  • Choose the right surfboard for your trip. Know the waves you are heading out to and don’t overpack, ask yourself, do you really need 3 surfboards. There is nothing worse than lugging around boards that aren’t suitable and just taking up space. 

  • Check the airline’s policy for surfboards. Ensuring you are clear on the airline’s guidelines to boards before you travel is one of the easiest ways to save money. Some airlines will charge you per board or some will only let you bring a certain amount with you.
  • Packing it up. Once you’ve chosen the boards you will take it is always best to prep and pack your boards properly and safely. Scrape off old wax, remove your fins and put them somewhere secure and if you can get something to wrap around the rails of your surfboard, this will help keep them extra protected. 
  • Weigh it. As we mentioned before some airlines charge extra for boards, well all airlines will have a weight limit so whilst it is super important to make sure your boards are secure and safe, do not go over the top and always check the weight.

  • Loading your boards. If you are taking more than the one you should take extra care with the order that you pack them in. Start with the largest boards at the bottom, ensuring it is wax side up and stack with the smallest board at the top; make sure all the boards are facing the same way.

    Want to learn a little more about surfboards? How do they come to be such beautiful creations that we treasure and want to protect more than our own bodies sometimes! Dinf out what goes into making them in this great interview with an expert board shaper. 

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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