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Top 10 things to do in Barbados

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Top 10 things to do in Barbados


Obvious from our point of view this is by far the best thing to do while you’re in Barbados. Bathsheba is your best bet to score wave such as “Soup Bowl”, but there’s plenty of other spots dotted around the Island.

Grab a Hire Car and tour the island

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The North and East Coasts of the island are truly amazing with unspoilt natural areas and jaw dropping tropical views.  The Centre of the Island with its rolling hills and Sugar Cane Plantations is worth the visit. You feel like you’re a world away from the hotels and tourists. You’ll also pass plenty of local shops along the way so make sure you stop for a drink and chat to very friendly locals.

Mount Gay Rum Tour

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Although Barbados is famous for it’s white sand tropical beaches and pumping Surf, it’s also famous for its Rum!  Mount Gay Rum is the most famous Rum brewed on Barbados and its enjoyed all over the globe. The tour lasts about 45 mins and you get a little taste or two.  I’d get a taxi there if I were you..

Go Hiking

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Great to keep fit when you’re not pulling into barrels all around the island and Barbados has some great Hiking to get involved with. The local website runs weekly walks or hikes all over the island on a Sunday with varying degrees of difficulty.

Get out on the Water… without a Surfboard

Navy Diver-Southern Partnership Station
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There’s a huge range of water-based activities all around the island.  You have everything from Sailing a Catamaran on the west coast spotting Sea Turtles to wind surfing and kite surfing to get the heart pumping.

Watch some Cricket

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Barbados is Cricket mad! They have pitches in every Parish as well as the main Cricket Stadium in the capital of Bridgetown. Matches are always being played and even team Errant got involved when they were there. The locals are very friendly and will let you join in no matter what level you’re at.

Get under water

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You can snorkel all over the island with its crystal clear water but if you want to take the next step you’ll have to check out the Atlantis Submarine. One of only a few in the world to take passengers down to around 100 feet to view all manner of sea life. It’s a unique experience that’s worth getting involved in.

Play some Golf

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The island has some of the top courses in the Caribbean and helps that its always sunny when you get the clubs out. There are cheaper options for around $50 a round all the way up to courses like the Green Monkey which will set you back $300 a round.  Put some money down and see who’s the best golfer on the holiday.

Go Fishing

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The warm waters off the coast of Barbados offer ideal fishing for Barracuda, Tuna, Whaoo, Dorado, and the one we’re always after… the Marlin species. There is a fleet of boats to charter and your best bet is to head down to the main harbor and have a chat to the local skippers for the best price.

Put some money down on the Horses

Horse Racing
You can bring the whole family down for a day out at the Garrison Savannah. It’s the home of Barbados Horse Racing and has a fantastic atmosphere with food vendors, parades and of course the racing itself. The most famous race of the year is the Sandy Lane Gold Cup, which is held in March.
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