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Top 10 tips on how to get that dawnie in

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Top 10 tips on how to get that dawnie in

Summer is amongst us, which means that even land-locked surfers are squeezing in pre-work “dawn patrol” surfs, rocking up to the office happier than a pig in poo. For some of us coast-dwellers a ‘dawnie’ is a quick dip at 8am, rolling into work with salt around our eyes and a smile on our face. For our inland brethren, it means a 4am wake up, 2 hour drive to the coast, 45min surf and mission back to work.
IMG_4643Spanish Dawn Patrol is around 10am. Jackpot.
Regardless of logistics, the dawnie is a great way to start the day and these light mornings are there to be made the most of, so here are our top tips to help you surf before work.

  1. Sack the iPhone. The first step is to put down the bright screen glaring into your brain telling it not to sleep. When you’re feeling sleepy, get into bed and have a little read, scrolling through social media timelines is teasing and torturing your sleepy head.
  2. Wake up! Now that you’ve had a good facebookless sleep, the hardest part is next – convincing yourself to get out of your pit to get cold. But once you’re up you’re up so make sure your phone/alarm is on the other side of the room before you go to bed so you have to get out of le pit to turn that hideous noise off.
  3. Sleep with your curtains open. When the sun rises, so will you.
  4. Boil the kettle. Everyone has time for a morning drink, even hectic dawn patrollers, I promise. Try boiling the kettle and letting a lemon water or detox tea brew whilst brushing your teeth / washing face/ stretching and by the time your morning routine is done you can sup your drink at perfect temperature giving you your pre-surf buzz. Try to save the coffee til later on as that much caffeine as soon as you wake up isn’t good and you’ll just crash before you get in the surf.
  5. Pack your car the night before.  This is a no brainer, but get everything loaded so you can kain it straight to the coast and always pack two towels or a robie and a towel; one to stand on and the other to actually dry yourself.
  6. Don’t piss in your suit. Another no brainer, but if you do you will smell of the urine you released all over your torso all day.
  7. Take a massive bottle of boiling hot water. Depending on how far away you live from the coast, the water should stay warm’ish for when you get out of the surf, which you can then have a little rinse with. Even if it’s cold it’s better to wash the salt off your face and mud off your feet unless you like that crusty feeling all day.
  8. Bring a hanger. Preferably a dritek hanger and hang that stinking suit up somewhere at work instead of letting it rot in your car for 8 hours. It will make tomorrow’s dawnie all the more appealing.
  9. Make / bring food. Let’s be honest, you’re going to be running late and the last thing you want is to turn up to work starving. Your body needs to replace the glucose lost through all that exercise in order to help maintain blood sugar levels (and your mood for the day). So smash something sugary and carby straight after the surf on the way to work.
  10. Wear a watch. Another no brainer, but to keep stress levels low and to maximise time in the water just wear a watch so you know if you can justify “just one more”…

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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