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Top 5 Surf Locations this April

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Top 5 Surf Locations this April

Sick of those Easter eggs? Yup we are, and we are mad keen to hit the surf in time for spring. So to help you choose the right location for you this April we have called an important board meeting and now have the official, as long as Mother Nature plays the game, where to go surfing this April top five.
1) Southern Portugal – Amazingly close to the rest of Europe, yet strangely much warmer than the rest of Europe. Cheap flights (if your not flying over from the USA/Canada), good wine (although green) and of course the perfect surf season for all levels.
Surfing in Spain
2) Northern Spain – While not a hot as South Portugal, surfing in Northern Spain is one of life’s little pleasures. Sometimes over shadowed by the buzzing south west French towns of Hossegor, Northern Spain is a hub of amazing waves, even better food and some of the world’s best “vistas”. Think long empty beaches, and this is Northern Spain. Oh, forgot to mention, £10 flights to Santander with Ryan Air from London, Germany and Denmark.
3) Indian Ocean – Sweeping statement I know. But April is the start of the surfing season in Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Indonesia. Big, long distance ocean swells travel north to the palm beaches of the mentioned countries. As islands the waves will vary from beach to beach, bay to bay, so no matter what level you are there will be waves to suit.

4) Barbados – Ah the opposite surf season to the Indian Ocean, but catch some late season surf and you’ll be on your own (well maybe). Barbados is home to day in, day out surfing. Think rum, sunshine, turtles, rum, surf, fresh fish and rum.
5) California – Slipping in at number five is the good ol’ state of California. Spring is perfect for hitting the long peeling waves of one of the most surf drenched coastlines in the world. From hanging ten at Malibu to busting airs at Trestles, Cali has something for all surfers.

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