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Top 5 Useful Travel Accessories You Wouldn’t Even Think of Packing

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Top 5 Useful Travel Accessories You Wouldn’t Even Think of Packing

I don’t know about your own personal holiday packing experiences but mine have been a long and painful process each time I try. Sorting out the essential from the non-essential items can be debated over for hours.
So I’ve come up with some great ideas, ingenious items that may well save your holiday (or someone else’s) and should definitely be packed!
1 – The Head Torch
Hands free and easy to use, when you don’t know where you’re going and have just rocked up at your accommodation in the dark with your hands full of your stuff or you want to read your book in bed but there’s no light to read by or you don’t want to disturb your roomie… have no fear, that head torch you packed saves your night! I found myself keeping it under my pillow at night and taking it out for meals as making the sketchy walk home from a restaurant was so much easier with a head torch!
2 – Duvet Cover
Your first reaction may be ‘Er…why?’ But a best friend taught me once that it’s crucial to be prepared if you’re to get a good nights sleep in a hot country and one neat thing to pack is a single duvet cover! If you’re like me, I have to sleep with a cover over me. The cover also keeps the bugs off you and makes for a better nights sleep. Lather yourself is bug spray and sleep soundly knowing that little critters aren’t out to get you. It’s also useful to have if you’re not quite sure of the mattress eg. bed bugs, sleep on your duvet cover!
It can also be useful for other things like protecting your surfboard from the sun and you could even create a tent from it. The possibilities of a piece of fabric are endless.


3 – $ Dollar Bills
For when you are stuck in a tricky situation, the police may be on your tail or you’d quite like to sit on a restaurant table with an extremely fancy view – to bribe or barter with a few extra US dollars may be the way to get what you want or help you out of situations easily!
A few extra bucks may also be useful in some countries if they are offering an alternative price in dollars compared to their own currency, it may be better, even cheaper to pay in $$!


4 – Sarong/Scarf
Literally the most useful thing I packed when I went away on holiday. I tied my board to the roof of a Tuk Tuk for a short journey to get to the surf with it. I wore it as a beach dress the next day when I walked across the beach to buy food and I even used it as a makeshift shoe once! You will be lost without one in your suitcase I promise you will use it at least once.


5 – Stickers
This item of sticky goodness should be packed and can be a lifesaver in a multitude of ways. Need a plaster but don’t have one? A makeshift sticker plaster here to save the day! A ding in your board but the need to go surf on it is greater than your boards health..put a sticker over the damage that is bigger than the ding and you got yourself a (temporarily) surf-able board. Stickers are also great to distinguish your things if someone else has the same and most importantly to give to the local children, a kind gift that they will really love.
Now that you’ve been reading for the last 5 minutes, I suggest that it’s time for you to go pack those extra little life saver items into your suitcase and I’ll see you at the airport!

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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