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Transport to your surf holiday


Congratulations, because you should have booked a surf holiday or a surf and language trip. Perhaps you are still looking for the best way to arrive at your destination. We would like to give you a number of options and tips about booking transport (all of which you would book yourself, this is not through us).

On this page you will find information and useful tips about:

  • Bus trips
  • Fly to your destination
  • Rental car
  • Train trip

We would like to mention that there are affiliate links on this page that will incur absolutely no additional costs for you and may earn us a small commission. However, the recommendations we make are genuine and based on our experiences. We also use the earnings to provide you with even better advice. Thanks for the support.

Travel by Bus

Of course, it is also possible to travel by regular bus to certain surf destinations. Compared to the surf bus (fixed departure dates) you have much more freedom with a self booked bus trip. And in many cases, it is possible to get to the south of France or northern Spain by bus, although this can be a very long journey.

Options are Flixbux, Omio Bus or BusBud.

Fly on a surf holiday

Have you booked a surf camp and are you still looking for a flight? We are happy to help you. Over the years, we’ve booked numerous flights, so we know all about the different booking websites – and which ones work well. Read on to find out our best tips for booking a flight.

Search and book your flight through Momondo

We ourselves use Momondo to search for our flights. This comparison site allows you to quickly, easily and securely book the tickets that best match your surfing holiday. Check out the banner below and find out what the possibilities are!

Rent a car

Have you already booked a flight, and are you still looking for the best way to rent a car? We often use Momondo to search for a rental car. Check the banner below and see which car fits your trip, where you have flexibility in pickup locations and dates.