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How to get your flights booked?

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You have booked your surf holiday but you haven’t got a clue yet on where to book your flights? We happily tell you more, taking advantage of our extensive experience in traveling.

Where do I need to fly into?

All our surf holidays do include a section ‘How to get there?’. Here you will find addresses and information about transfers. This is the place for you to track down the nearest airport, incl. potential information about pick-up times.

Where to book my flights?

We recommend you the following when booking your flights:

  • Try to be as flexible as possible in terms of dates (e.g. when arriving to your surf camp in Lisbon on Saturday, you might want to regard arriving into Lisbon Airport on Friday and book an accommodation for one night yourself as this can safe you a lot of money in some cases).
  • Regards nearby airports as well
  • Make sure to compare more than one booking website

We have booked several flights already through Momondo. Check their website at Momondo – Stay Curious.