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Travel Guide Biarritz, France

Travel Guide France

Travel Guide Biarritz, France

N 43° 28′ 59.347″  W 1° 33′ 31.054″

Biarritz is a special place to visit thanks to the interesting combination of hip and chic. The luxury seaside resort gives horses more “Relaxed” surfing characteristics. The center is not that big and can be visited most easily on foot. In 2 to 3 days you have enough to visit all the sights. This makes discovering this city a nice change from a surfing holiday in the South of France.

What to do in Biarritz

The lighthouse on the northern part of the coast is a must see. It is even possible to climb the tower, the 250 steps are more than worth the view over the bay. The lighthouse has been around since 1834 and is a historic landmark of the city.

The old fishing port is often skipped by visitors, which is a shame. This small ‘village’ within Biarritz is a nice change from the city itself. This is partly due to the typical fishermen’s houses, which are still inhabited by fishermen in the region. The best time to visit the harbor is during lunch or dinner. In the harbor there are several restaurants where the fish of the day is freshly prepared. Here you can enjoy a delicious meal with a beautiful view of the sunset.

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Because of Napoleon, Biarritz has become the famous holiday destination it is today. In 1854 he met his later wife Eugénie de Montijo in the city. Later, various celebrities visited the city regularly, increasing Biarritz’s popularity. For his beloved, Napoleon built the summer residence Villa Eugenie, which is nowadays Hotel du Palais. A stay in one of the rooms does have a hefty price tag, but the hotel can also be visited for lunch or a cup of coffee. It is definitely worth tasting the atmosphere in this historic hotel.

Surfers with Hotel du Palais in the Background

If you still want to go shopping after a day of surfing, then you’re in the right place in Biarritz. You will find most of the shops on Rue de Port-Vieux and Rue Mazagran. There are all kinds of shops on these streets, ranging from designer fashion to vintage shops. In the summer months most shops are open until midnight, so even after a long day of surfing you have plenty of time to shop!

There are also plenty of events and the free festival Scenes Estivales, which lasts from July to September. During this festival there are various small concerts at all kinds of special locations in the city. There are also regular surfing events in the city, such as the Roxy Pro Contest. The best female surfers in the world come here to compete for the first place.

The food in Biarritz

There are also plenty of options for eating in Biarritz. For local local products it is nice to visit the Mercado les Halles. These are 2 different halls, with in one one mainly meat and vegetables and in the other the focus is on fresh fish. Here the oysters are opened in front of you and you can enjoy them with a glass of wine or champagne. Also nice are the different tapas bars around the market hall!

Mercado les Halles

We wouldn’t be SurfaWhile if we didn’t make the link somewhere with surfing. This time we do that with restaurant le Surfing. This relaxed restaurant is the spot for surfers to eat. It is right on the beach and here you will find simple but well prepared dishes. The restaurant with sea view is a wonderful place to relax after a day in the water. Watching the sunset is absolutely beautiful while the surfers catch the last waves of the day.

In addition to surfing, there is plenty to do in Biarritz. Discover the rich history of this city and taste the flavors of the real France. Great activities for when you just want a break from surfing

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Via mijn studie Tourism Management ben ik terecht gekomen bij SurfaWhile. Waar ik elke dag meer leer over het surfen, en het verkopen van surfreizen. Door het schrijven van artikelen over surfvakanties, ervaringen en prachtige surfbestemmingen zorg ik er voor dat jij goed voorbereid op surfvakantie gaat!

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