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Travel Guide Caparica Portugal

Travel Guide Portugal

Travel Guide Caparica Portugal

N 38° 38′ 40.49″  W -9° 14′ 8.02″

Holiday in Caparica

It is certain that Caparica is a great surfing destination. Local surfers have been coming here for years to expand and explore their skills. Recently it has also become a popular destination for surfing holidays. There are many surf houses, camps and shops.  Aside from surfing, Caparica is a holiday destination where everyone can enjoy themselves. Here is our list of reasons to go to Caparica!

In addition to Caparica, there are many other spots for the best
surf holiday in Portugal

The beach in Caparica

The beaches in Caparica are clean, long and wide. You will not find large amounts of beach goers either, it is nice and quiet on the beach all year round. However, if the locals are on holiday in July and August, it can get a little busier. In between surfing sessions you will enjoy yourself on the beach, watch other surfers and look out at the open ocean. Don’t miss the beautiful sunsets, we recommend that you go into the water during the sunset to take the perfect surf photo during the golden hours.

The distance between Caparica and Lisbon

You will immediately reap the benefits of this upon arrival. You can be at Caparica beach withinin 20 minutes from Lisbon airport. With a taxi or Uber this ride is quite cheap, but if you have a tight budget then there are also plenty of options to get to Caparica by public transport. In addition, the distance to Lisbon means that you can enjoy the attractions of this vibrant and beautiful city. If you’re not surfing, head to the capital to get a taste of culture, taste the excellent gastronomic scene and enjoy a fun night out at the city’s many bars and clubs.

Whats the Surfing like in Caparica? Good question, find out the answer in our Caparica Surf Spot Guide .

Lisbon is the perfect place to take a break from surfing

Ammenities in Caparica

Caparica has everything you need to make your stay as comfortable as possible. There are supermarkets, clothing stores, shops selling beach accessories, surf shops, bars, restaurants and basically everything you would normally find in a city. Tarquínio beach is a popular surfing beach and on the promenade there are many bars and shops that are nice to visit, ain addition to many surf shops!

Value for money in Caparica

Portugal is a country that offers visitors great value for money and Costa da Caparica is no exception. Accommodation is very affordable and generally of a very high standard, and the same can be said of eating out in restaurants. However, you can make your trip as cheap or extravagant as you want; if you have some more money left, there are also great options for you!

The weather in Caparica

Last but not least, the weather. Whether you prefer milder weather or want to bake in the warmth, Portugal and Costa da Caparica offer you what you are looking for – depending on the season. If you can’t stand the heat, come in spring or fall when it’s still hot and sunny, but generally not too hot. Happy with temperatures above 30 degrees? Come in the summer and enjoy long, sunny days and warmer water. Even winter can be a great time to come to Caparica. There is a greater chance of some rainy days, but the sun never stays away for long in Portugal.

Good weather; so staying in a surf camp in Portugal is ideal.

Empty beaches and warm temperatures, what more do you need on vacation!

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