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A road trip to France: what does it cost?

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A road trip to France: what does it cost?

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Southern France is closer than you think, with the car you can easily get there in 1 day. It’s easy, especially if you already have plans for a holiday in the south of France. If you don’t have this, we hope to inspire you to go that way, because the country has a lot to offer. Surfing in southern France is very popular – and an area in which we have a lot of experience visiting. This article will therefore focus on getting to that part of the country. We hope you enjoy!

Surf Roadtrip to France

What type of cost does a road trip entail?

During a road trip the costs will mainly be in the gasoline and toll roads. In both cases there are ways to save a lot, but we will return to this later in this article. First the question: what can I expect?

For convenience, we will take Utrecht as the starting point. If you live further away or closer, you can adjust the calculation yourself. We will take Moliets-et-Maa as our destination, which is a very popular destination for surfing in France. In total this distance is about 1,200 kilometers and the route takes you via Antwerp, Lille, Paris, Tours and Bordeaux. Depending on the traffic on the road, other routes are also possible (eg via Brussels instead of Lille or with a big curve around Paris). But in general you will pass long sections of the highway and therefore spend a lot of time in the car.

In France there are numerous surf camps , which are very nice!

Tip: if possible, leave very early on Sunday. That day it is generally a bit quieter on the road. This year we drove ourselves from Amsterdam to Moliets-et-Maa in 12 hours , on Sunday 21 July (in the middle of the high season).

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What does a road trip from Utrecht to Moliets-et-Maa cost?

In terms of gasoline costs, it can fluctuate a lot, but we came across the following prices (Euro):

  • The Netherlands: Between € 1.68 and € 1.82 per liter
  • Belgium: Between € 1.32 and € 1.46 per liter
  • France: Between € 1.47 and € 1.59 per liter

As you can see, there are quite a lot of differences between countries, but it can also fluctuate considerably within the country. For the current gasoline prices, you can keep an eye on the website of the ANWB .

Tip: if you have the time, it pays off to drive via Luxembourg, it costs between € 1.18 and € 1.26 per litre in price. In terms of tolls it depends on which route you are taking, but we assume the route as discussed above (via Lille, Paris and Bordeaux). In terms of tolls we have lost a total (single ride): € 84,50.

Drive a little further, for the best surfing holidays in Spain.

Choose the right car for your road trip, both for the tour, and for surfing.

How can you save on a road trip to France?

  • With refueling you can save a lot. As you have seen in the overview, there are considerable price differences within the countries. You can often see on the highway what prices are across the route (then you get to see the prices of 5 gas stations). There are also certain apps where prices are put down clearly, such as Waze ( a real life saver).
  • Of course, you can fill the tank completely in Belgium, both on the way there and back. If possible, you can even drive through Luxembourg. Also in (northern) Spain, refueling is a lot cheaper, with prices between €1.26 and €1.39 per litre. You can combine this with a visit to the great San Sebastian.
  • Through your navigation (like Waze) you can also choose a route where you avoid the toll roads. These routes normally take more time. If you have the time, we can highly recommend this, if only for the surprising new places you will get to know.

Hopefully this article has given you a good idea of what you can expect during a road trip to the south of France. The total cost depends, of course, on the use of your vehicle. Southern France is great to celebrate holidays, and if it suits you , you can even combine this with surfing. So have fun and see you in the line up!

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