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The Wave of Surf Sustainability

Surfstainability General

The Wave of Surf Sustainability

With surfing getting popular each and every year, thousands of passionate surfers land in wild, tropical and untouched paradise spots getting to them, most of the time, polluted. So with the current plastic epidemic, it is very important that travellers become aware of this situation and choose a more sustainable way of travelling.
Here at Errant, we care about giving back to our earth for what it has given to us, that is why we are introducing a package which allows travellers to help the local communities to keep their places clean and to, of course, surfing the sickest waves!

Get ready to experience one of the best travel adventures dedicated to surfing, beach clean-ups, turtle conservation and lots of workshops to teach you about the local communities and how to help them in the future. Interested? Contact us and get ready to pack your bags and join us in the wild paradise of the Indonesian islands!

It is no secret that we must act now to ensure the survival of our planet and for many more generations to come to be able to enjoy its beauty and nature. As surfers, travelling around the world chasing the next wave is one of the biggest contributors to our ecological footprint. Now we are not suggesting that you never travel again but below we have put some easy and fun ways you can help change your ecological footprint for the better.

Road Trips & Recycling

Road trips! We know that cars are not the best for the environment, however, they are nowhere near as bad as planes and are a lot more fun! Road trips are a very underrated way to have an awesome surf trip and can be hugely cost-effective. Road trips, unlike planes, can be just as fun as the surfing itself and are a great way for you and your buddies to have an epic time away without harming the planet too much!

Obviously, you can’t drive everywhere and they are some surf destinations just too good to miss however you can still do your bit. When packing be conscious of what is going in your bag, there is no need to pack everything plus the kitchen skin! Think light and minimal. You will be spending most of your time in the water anyway so pack wisely. There are plenty of awesome eco-friendly toiletries you can pack as well, shampoo bars and bamboo toothbrush reduce your plastic use and take up a lot less space.

Where you choose to stay can also help massively reduce your eco-footprint, a lot of surf camps and hostels are putting in the effort to ensure they reduce their plastic use, recycle, give back to the local community and environment and to ensure they have veggie and vegan options on offer. These may not sound like big things but trust us when we say they all add up and will help us keep our beautiful planet alive!

Put back into the local economy, may not sound like the most obvious way to help the survival of our planet but can actually make a lot of difference. A lot of the best surf spots are not situated in the western world and are usually in countries with a weaker economy, where plastic use may not be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, but by eating out locally, shopping at local markets and supporting small businesses you are actually helping. Most restaurants use what’s around them, rather than buying ingredients that have been flown halfway around the world and a lot of what you can pick in markets is made by hand with local materials.

Doing your bit doesn’t have to be a huge effort and make you transform your whole life, but by making small and easy changes your next surf trip doesn’t have to cost the earth – literally!

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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