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What Do I Wear Under My Wetsuit ?

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What Do I Wear Under My Wetsuit ?

Here is what to wear under your wetsuit:

N: 52°22′26″ E: 4°53′22″

Its a question often thought about but almost rarely answered. Are we all just supposed to know what combo is best? There are so many options: Boardshorts, Budgie Smugglers, Bikini’s, Birthday Suit’s, and a whole load of other ‘B’ words.  Well luckily SurfaWhile  is here to clear up the confusion and help figure out what to pair with all that Neoprene.

  1. Boardies:

    • The Old Faithful. Boardshorts are possibly more famous than surfing itself. That’s a silly statement but nonetheless it is true, and for good reason.
    • Boardshorts are comfortable in wetsuits only if they are sized correctly. Don’t wear ones that are too long or they will sit badly between you and the board. Short ones are a safe option.
    • Boardshorts are best rocked by all. Men and Women alike.
  2. Swim Suits:

    • Ladies swimming costumes are perfect for wetsuits.
    • They are supportive and eliminate friction.
    • I have little personal experience on this one but it is the choice of plenty of the WSL’s leading surfers.
  3. Budgies:

      • A bold paring that is far too uncommon nowadays despite their practicality.
      • If your in warm water then go right ahead! There will be limited chaffing and the wetsuit will feel like a second skin.
  4. Underwear:

    • The swimming costume before swimming costumes existed.
    • Spandex underwear is an awesome solution to the problem.
    • Don’t go for cotton, it will tear apart.
  5. Rash Vest:

    • They look sick and are designed to go under a suit.
    • Can be used as an alternative to a suit if its warm waters.

Hope the info helps guys ! If you need any ideas on where to wear your new fresh outfit too, have a look at these beautiful surf camps in Europe.

See ya in the line up !

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