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What does a day on a surf trip look like

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What does a day on a surf trip look like

Going to a surf camp sounds nice, but how does that actually work? What does this experience add to your holiday and how will your day look like? A week-long stay is the most common, but a stay in a two-week surf camp link certainly has its advantages. If you stay for two weeks, the staff tries to organize the week in such a way that you will not experience the exact same week over again. Below is an explanation of what you can expect during your surf holiday (we take an average experience, since there are of course many different surf accommodations and surf camps. As soon as you view our locations, you will quickly learn more about the specific properties, activities and more).

Your surf holiday

The beauty of a surf camp is that the general rule is: nothing is necessary, but everything is possible. If you are looking for nice contacts, they are always there. Numerous opportunities are offered to get to know new (like-minded) people, so people who want to go on a surf holiday by themselves don’t have to be alone. Those who prefer to read a book or practice yoga in peace also have plenty of options to have a great time.

The starting point of a surf camp (whether it is staying in a tent or in a surf house) is to provide the best possible time for all guests. We try to describe all accommodations that we offer as best as possible (we do this from our own knowledge, because we try to visit all our accommodations at least once a year). While one surf camp can be all about partying, another accommodation offers you to stay peacefully. And of course, there are still many features in which surf camps differ from each other.

Surfing during your vacation

Usually we see that the surf lessons are divided into two or three moments a day (there are of course days without surf lessons). The distribution that is made here has to do with the circumstances (surfing conditions) and the level of the guests. Before the surf lesson you will all have breakfast – or if you surf very early, you can eat a snack first. For those who are “free” in the afternoon (after the surf lesson you will often have your lunch on the beach), there is still plenty to do. It often happens that the surf camp gets a place on the beach, where the whole group can stay that day. Here are also some fun games available, such as volleyball, a slackline, frisbees or badminton. Here – as it often applies throughout the week – it is really about fun and connection. Of course, you also have the freedom to retreat and look for a hammock with a good book.

Most surf camps are located near / in a surf village where there is also plenty to do. For example, you can visit a local market (alone or with your new friends) or have a nice lunch at one of the restaurants. Several surf camps also have bicycles that guests can use to explore the area. There is also plenty to do on the camp itself. There are regular board games here and the ping pong table is always the center of socializing (most surf camps have one). As soon as you come towards the end of the afternoon, there are always many guests who have a nice drink while they are waiting for dinner. Plans are also often made for the rest of the evening – some camps have a number of party nights while there are also accommodations where this is almost non-existent (something for everyone).

Activities during your surf trip

What almost every accommodation does is also offer external activities. Consider, for example, a day trip (from France you can for example go to Bordeaux or San Sebastian, in Portugal Lisbon and Porto are very popular) or another type of activity. Wine-tasting, horse-riding on the beach, creative activities (e.g. making and painting your own skateboard) or a Wine & Cheese night are often fun and fun activities.

One thing is sure: you will definitely not be bored. The entire week you can decide what you would like to do.

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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