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What does Brexit fallout mean for travelling surfers?

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What does Brexit fallout mean for travelling surfers?

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Us Britons have  stupidly made the decisions to remove our Kingdom from the European Union. The suggestion of a certain floppy haired blithering idiot was that getting the heck out of there, would somehow magically regenerate our former glory as as a “truly independent nation”. Firstly, as if, lol. Secondly, the majority of us dont give two craps if England gets over its small-man/little empire syndrome.

We just want to be able to visit our European friends, surf the warm waters off the south coast of France and kick back with a sweet Belgian Beer. So to that avail we’ve looked into how this gargantuan fuck-up will effect your ability to catch a quick barrel in Moliets and party down in San Sebastian. Forget trade and other irrelevant details for a second….CAN WE STILL SURF?!

Brexit & Surf Holiday’s

1. Flight Prices

The impacts of leaving will be massive, but as wave hungry travelling surfers, how will we be affected? According to the past comments of the super reliable David Cameron, the cost of a family summer holiday to the most popular EU destinations would rise by as much as £230 if Britain votes for Brexit. Which, just incase anyone missed it, we did.

Ok, £230? I’m sure these figures are open for debate and as there haven’t been any pre-agreed terms in the case of a Brexit a lot of what we are reading online, including this, is speculation. Even David Cameron can’t predict that the family trip to Biarritz will go up 200 bucks, but I do think we can expect the price of a holiday to go up a notch, and it already is. Suddenly,  that €400 bargain board in Capbreton could cost more than buying it back home and the post surf sagres down in Lagos will be similarly priced to a pint of after-work IPA at home.

2.Mobile Phones, Beer & Duty Free


It is worth remembering that we have been completely spoilt by budget airlines over the past decade; since Easyjet launched fares have reduced by 40%. We may also lose the fast-track EU lines at passport control, but it’s highly unlikely that we’ll need a Visa to go to Santander. If this does put you off, maybe it’s time to do that Scotland or Ireland trip you’ve been talking about for all those years.

Another cost that is likely to rise is the increasingly-annoying mobile phone charges. Pressure from the EU has meant that the costs of using our phones in Europe has gone down and now  roaming charges will soon be abolished completely. As it’s taken so long to get this far, now we are longer in the EU, it doesn’t take an idiot to see that they will jump straight back up again.
On the flip side, we will hopefully be able to just buy a local sim card like in Asia/ Australia etc and our local mobile phone usage will be even cheaper.

3.Health Insurance


We will see fewer holiday health benefits as the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) entitles UK citizens to free or reduced-cost treatment in other EU countries. So unless you have travel insurance, which you really really should, that board to the head could leave you in much more pain than just a headache. But again, good travel insurance will cover a whole heap of ailments all over the globe.

Usually a great way to recoup some of the holiday spending money is to bring as many as 800 cigarettes, 110 litres of beer and 90 litres of wine, without raising the eyebrows of UK Customs. But booze cruises and the classic car stock up of Vino and Baccy in France will probably be a thing of the past as it is safe to assume that our allowance will be drastically reduced. However, Brexit would see the return of Duty-Free shopping. A light at the end of the (euro) tunnel.

Errant Spain-3425

The UK’s is already effecting holiday makers. Our passport’s, driving licence and European Health Insurance Card will shortly stop function exactly as they always have. Things will not be the same but we will still be able to go surf in France as we always have, its not all doom, gloom and rough seas, it just feels like it sometimes.  So make sure you read the facts, ignore the tabloids and prepare yourself and your wallet for a shock when travelling to Europe this summer. If you have any thoughts on this matter, please do comment below.

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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