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What does it all mean?

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What does it all mean?

I woke with a sweat on. The Spanish heat had turned my van into a mini oven and it was only 8.30am.
My heavy eyes lifted opened, and as I laid there half naked, my body froze with fear.
Preciously 30cm away from my cosy “bed in the van” was an elderly German couple starring in. It took me a while to relax and remind myself the back window was tinted and in fact it was not my half naked body they had come to check out, but in fact the sign writing on the window. The definition of Errant.
Without making any hasty moves I slide back under the sheet and waited till they left.
We get asked a lot about the company name and by dictionary it means this:
“er·rant (rnt) adj. Wandering, Roving, especially in search of adventure.”
When we first launched Errant Surf Holidays back in 2005 we understood that a surfing holiday or a surf trip would take you away from the tacky tourist areas of built up complexes to more unspoilt beach locations.
We still believe today, that by providing exceptional customer service, good food, amazing accommodation you can be errant in your quest for a relaxing, fun, sun-filled surfing holiday.
And just remember; don’t oversleep in a Spanish layby.

The (old branded) Errant Surf Van this time parked up in Hossegor,France in 2007 with Josh Hughes (teamrider)

Errant Surf

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