What to pack on your Surfing Holiday

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What to pack on your Surfing Holiday

Ok so you have finally booked your surfing holiday and you are ready to go – but what are you going to take?

  • At least one Surfboard, the more the better. You might need a spare if you break one. You might need a different board for different conditions. If you are booked onto a learn to surf holiday, you will have your surfboard waiting for you in the resort.
  • Surf Wax. Enough for your trip and some extra to share with your mate who has forgotten their wax.
  • Travel guide to the area, hey you can’t surf all day long!
  • Local currency. Buy before you go for the best deal.
  • Surfing travel insurance.
  • Ding repair. Don’t spoil your trip with a ding that you cannot repair. A small ding repair kit is inexpensive and does not take up much room.
  • Spare fins and board leash. Easy to replace – hard to find in the middle of nowhere.
  • Make sure you have the right wetsuit, if you are not hiring one out there.
  • Sunscreen. Maximise your time in the water without a trip to the emergency room for third degree burns!
  • iPod with some chilled out music for the beach
  • Good book
  • Oh and of course your Errant Surf confirmation e-mail, flight tickets and passport!

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