What wetsuit do I need in Morocco?

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What wetsuit do I need in Morocco?

What wetsuit do I need in Morocco?

Good question, although the sunshine is year round, you will need to choose the right wetsuit depending on the time of the year you wish to go surfing in Morocco.
While the surf is bigger and more consistent in October, November, December, January, February and March you will need a full length 3/2mm wetsuit. It is, after all, still the North Atlantic, and winter time in Morocco. The air temperature however is on average about 25c in the winter months.
Also, don’t forget that typically the early morning surf’s in Morocco are generally the best, with less wind so a little bit more wetsuit never hurt anyone.
During April, May and September I would suggest a short wetsuit for day time surfing, as it gets hot very quickly. Don’t forget you are only 45 minutes from the Sahara Desert.
So that leaves June, July and August in Morocco. While the surf is typically much smaller, it is good for beginner surfers, and it is baking hot! I would suggest shorts/bikini with a UV rash vest to keep the sun of your back.
If you plan on surfing some of the better point breaks in Morocco, like Dracula’s or Boiler’s then it might be worth taking some reef boots.

Wetsuits in Morocco

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