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When England Play, I Go Surfing.

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When England Play, I Go Surfing.

Every time England plays, I go surfing.
Yesterday was no exception. Perfect head high surf, little winds and stunning sunshine. You would expect Fistral to be packed. Luckily England was playing Slovenia. While Capello’s boys were busy chasing balls, I was busy chasing the set waves.
Surfing could not be any further from football in terms of pursuits. Football is a team game, full of money (debt), fixed borders, fixed time frame, rules and regulations.
Surfing is an individual endeavour, no borders, no time frame and the only rule is not to drop in.
I good friend of mine James pulled together a “I bet I can find 1,000,000 people who prefer to surf then play football” facebook group. Its only been up online for a month or so, and it has just under 65,000 followers.  Nice.
So Sunday is around the corner, England V Germany. Surf’s looking good again. Shame its only 90 minutes long.

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  1. I'lle be arriving at the UK surfcamp tomorrow when England plays against Germany and I am German. Should I maybe pretend to be Austrian? LOL Just don't hate me, please 🙂 See you tomorrow… Bye, Steph

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