When its ok to Drop in

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When its ok to Drop in


I have pleasure of introducing to you Josh Coombes. Having spent the best part of the last 14 years surfing at Watergate Bay in Newquay, I have known Josh since he was a wee-nipper. As I celebrated my 30th last year nurturing a beer belly, Josh has been coming of age busting it out on his Kite board and surf board.

Recently joining the international team for Flexifoil Kite Surf, he posted this clip of him using the Go Pro camera (HD Pro 2) today.
Now don’t get me wrong, dropping in is wrong and a good surf lesson will teach you how to avoid such an occasion. But when it’s your old man (Carl Coombes) we all have to laugh, especially in slow motion.
So here’s to you Josh on the start of a cracking “waterman” career and to you to Carl Coombes on a classic “drop in” from you son.

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