Where to surf in September.

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Where to surf in September.

The Atlantic, getting ready for September Surf Sessions!

Where to surf in September.

September is a golden month in surfing for many locations around the world. The Atlantic tends to be at its warmest and the Atlantic storms (and Hurricanes) start to produce long range swells as far away as the Eastern seaboard of the USA. These swells travel the width of the Atlantic arriving on the shores of Portugal, Spain, France, United Kingdom, The Canary Islands and Morocco.
The further the swell travels the more organised and “lined-up” the waves will be, perfect for surfing.

The Atlantic, getting ready for September Surf Sessions!
Not long till September and storms are starting to develop in the Atlantic Ocean.

September is perfect for surfing in Portugal, Spain, France, United Kingdom and The Canary Islands. The autumn swells kick in while the summer crowds return back to school.
In Morocco September is the start of the surf season which will last till May the following year.
Here are our Top Five Surf Locations in September:

  1. Loredo, Spain
  2. South Portugal
  3. Morocco
  4. The Canary Islands
  5. South West France

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