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Why you have to visit Sunday Funday in Nicaragua

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Why you have to visit Sunday Funday in Nicaragua

This is me again, Olmo. Many years ago I heard about the phenomenon Sunday Funday in San Juan del Sur for the first time. This is a concept which is known around the world for different reasons, but the Sunday Funday I’m referring to is one of the world’s greatest parties, based in Nicaragua, Central America. SurfaWhile has been there, during our visit to Nicaragua, and we are about to tell you all about it! Are you ready?

Sunday Funday is in fact a pool crawl (derived from a pub crawl – but here you just go to places with a pool). You will visit 4 places in total, where the first 3 have an amazing pool and the last one if a beach-front club. It’s pretty amazing and even for us it was one of the wildest parties we’ve ever experienced.

Tip: for your stay in San Juan del Sur, the Dreamsea Surf Resort is an amazing option. Many of the guests also visit the Sunday Funday weekly and the staff can tell you exactly how to get tickets (that you can always arrange when on-site, don’t you worry!)

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Everyone is stoked for this day and the fun (read: drinking and games) already starts early in the morning. Around 10:00 we found ourselves with a glass of Espresso Martini in our hands. At 10:10 the first pairs started to challenge each other for a game of good old beerpong.

After spending the morning in our hostel with several drinks and a heavy breakfast, we bought our tickets (at the hostel as well, and we were given a free Sunday-Funday t-shirt – it’s a tanktop we have to admit). Around 13:30 the first shuttle leaves to the first hostel: Pachamama. This place is in town and right away you know: this place is cool! The place was full, people were chilling in the pool, playing beerpong (again!) or getting themselves a (temporary) tattoo.

Sunday Funday at Pachamama (picture: Sunday Funday_Pool Crawl Facebook page

Throughout the entire day, you just only come across an amazing mix of international, happy and amazing people. There are several locals as well but – obviously – most people are foreigners. The party is well popular and there’s security present to make sure only the people with a ticket can come in. That’s partly what makes Sunday Funday in Nicaragua, Central America, the best party you have to visit!

After the hostel, you make your way to a club which is beach-front but has an amazing pool (header photo). This is also the time people do get hungry and this establishment does offer a variety of snacks. Sadly, the efficiency in their sales process is nowhere to be found so people sometimes end up waiting around for a nice chicken burger for about 30 minutes. Conclusion here: people just drink more, have fun, dance and chill in the pool. Life’s good!

Around 17:00 it’s time for the next shuttle, back to the Naked Tiger Hostel, the place we were staying ourselves as well. This place is great as you are overlooking the entire bay of San Juan del Sur. With a cocktail in hand, great company and quality music (note: there’s very little reggaeton during this day, unlike many other parties you will be visiting in Central America) you will witness the sun setting into the sea. The pool, the the views and all the rest around you will make this a truly unforgettable moment.

Tip: book your stay at the Naked Tiger Hostel and make sure to stay a couple of nights, including Saturday & Sunday night.

Here people already start to get well-tipsy (if they weren’t already). Also at Naked Tiger, the drinking plays a vital part. However, the memory I cherish the most are the (around) 300 people having an amazing time. Around 20:00 the shuttles were ready again to take us down, into the center of SJDS for the last ‘official’ party. This club, Arribas, was the one which I liked slightly less than the others. This was also due to the fact that this was more of a nightclub-setting, making the social aspect of this day less present. However, it might – after all – be the perfect setting for a bunch of people whom were all well binned and were just looking to party.

Time for an amazing sunset at the Naked Tiger Hostel

The day didn’t end here, but for me it did. As we started off around 10:00 am, at 23:00 I was about done. I did hear about several after party’s and I’m sure that many of those were another truly amazing experience. However, that’s something for you to go and check out yourself.

Surfing in San Juan del Sur and around is amazing, but Monday mornings aren’t the busiest, as you can imagine! However, there’s time enough in SJDS to still do some surfing!

The pool at Naked Tiger Hostel


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