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Winter Hacks for Cold Water Surfing

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Winter Hacks for Cold Water Surfing

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The clocks have changed and sadly there is no more time for an after work surf. Winter is upon us in the UK and I look out of my office window at the ocean, yes I feel very very lucky to be here but the cold look of the grey sky blending in to the even greyer looking sea makes me feel less inclined to step outside, let alone step into the sea. So this feeling got me thinking about ways in which I can begin to learn to love and embrace the freezing temperatures.

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Investing in a really decent winter suit is a great place to start. I personally find the first swap from a summer into a thicker suit a little restricting and therefore I also invested in a hooded vest neoprene top. You keep the flex of a thinner neoprene wetsuit for a little longer as you wear it underneath your 4/3mm or even a 3/2mm but keeping your core warm and even your noggin’ warm helps survive the temperatures and eases the change. This versatile top can also save you when the water gets even too cold for your winter suit. With an attached hood, this also reduces less water flush as would a normal detaching hood and does not immobilise your limbs, like wearing two wetsuits would do…(if you’ve ever tried this, I applaud you and your move-ability!)

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We all hate putting on a wet wetsuit. A friend owns a van and had this luxury I am about to share with you wherever he went. As he powered up his ‘kitchen’, boiling the kettle for what I thought was a pre-surf brew, he poured the whole kettle full of water all over his wetsuit and then proceeded to get into it. A genius idea from a small Devonshire boy I thought! Sadly not all of us have this portable kettle at our disposal but at home we can even step into the shower with our wetsuit for a pre-surf warm up – how about that for a nicer way to step into an already wet wetsuit.

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The one thing I could not live without after surfing and having to change in a miserably chilly car park afterwards, is a surf robe. The classic surf robe has become extremely more popular in recent years and I can fully understand why. It embraces the feeling of being wrapped up all warm after a bath or a shower, yet freely allows you to change underneath it without holding on to it and exposing yourself to the elements! If you have not invested in one yet, I fully recommend you do. (click on the link below!)
I bet there’s heaps of ways out there that you survive the winter months surfing, so please share below with your comments on how you survive surfing in the winter!
Stay warm!
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