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Yanaika’s experience surfing in Sri Lanka

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Yanaika’s experience surfing in Sri Lanka

N: 6° 55′ 37.4844” E 79° 51′ 40.4784”

Exactly one month ago I left Malaysia for Sri Lanka with only one goal: to discover the magical waves in southern Sri Lanka. Surfing in Sri Lanka is very popular at the moment and not for no reason: the country has countless surf spots for beginners, intermediate and experienced surfers. Moreover, there is plenty to experience, so even if the waves are disappointing you can have the best time of your life.

Surfing in the South of Sri Lanka – A must do!

In the south of this beautiful island you will find plenty of good surf spots. Below I have mentioned a few.

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Surf Camp Sri Lanka

Ahangama, Sri Lanka
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Surfing in Ahangama

One of the most beautiful spots along Sri Lanka’s tropical coast is Ahangama. Life here is very peaceful and relaxed and the surf is top notch. There is very regular waves in this location due to the prominent reef break, which is particularly good for the surfers with some experience.

Dreamsea Sri Lanka yoga
Dreamsea Sri Lanka yoga

In Ahangama you will find the Dreamsea surf house, an ideal choice if you want to go surfing in Sri Lanka and rest in a beautiful and stylish surf house.

Surfing in Weligama

In the famous village of Weligama you will find classic waves for beginners. It may not be the most beautiful bay in the country, but it’s really good for travelers who want to master surfing. Experienced surfers can visit the countless reef breaks in the surrounding villages of Midigama, Ahangama and Mirissa. My personal favorite spots were Fisherman’s, Insights/Marshmellows and Sticks – three good places for intermediate surfers (depending on the conditions – of course). For the advanced, Aries and The Rock are beautiful places to catch good & powerful waves.

Sri Lanka Surf Boards
Sri Lanka Surf Boards

Surfing in Hirketiya

Another absolute must is Hiriketiya. A small surfing paradise about an hour and a half from Weligama. If you’ve always wanted to surf between the palm trees, this is the place to go, even for beginners (pssst: it may even be nicer than Weligama!). I have regularly spotted a turtle there while paddling, giving me a true tropical feeling. Moreover, there is also a reef break for the more experienced surfers, so it is fun for groups with different levels.

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Sri Lanka Beach
Sri Lanka Beach
Sri Lanka Surf Beach
Sri Lanka Surf Beach

What else is there to do in Sri Lanka?

There are of course countless other places to surf in Sri Lanka, but above were my favorite. Nearby you will also find nice places like Galle (shopping in a former Dutch fortress), the famous beaches of Unawatuna, the famous Palm Tree Hill of Mirissa and countless delicious hipster eateries for those who want to experience the colorful gastronomy of Sri Lanka.

For nightlife you have to head out towards Madiha. The whole south travels to the famous Doctor’s House for nice parties on Wednesdays and Saturdays – but i’m sure you’ll hear more about that when you’re here.

Like the sound of surfing in Sri Lanka? Feel free to check out the Dreamsea Surf House in Ahangama, a true hidden paradise nestled along the south coast.

Photos by: @Yanaikaas

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